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GTA Member Profile - August 2014

GTA Member Profile - August 2014

Fleet Electrical Service, Inc.
324 Southwest Cutoff
P.O. Box 886
Worcester, MA 01604
(508) 755-8666
(800) 442-6668
Fax: (508) 753-4930

The following information was provided by Fleet Electric

Fleet Electrical Service, Inc., based in Worcester, MA, specializes in supplying high-quality mobile AC power systems for work vehicles. The company custom designs and installs interior/exterior upfittings according to the customer's commercial vehicle requirements. They specialize in workstations for the vans and trailers used in underground and overhead utility applications. Complete installations include shelving, lighting, heating and air conditioning, and related electrical or electronic equipment. The goal is to provide the customer a turn-key system for immediate use.

The project managers and supervisors at Fleet Electric average more than 35 years of experience in this specific field. These professionals offer many proven, time-saving solutions  the latest technologies. A common approach throughout Fleet Electric is taking the time to understand the customer's requirements, learn about the vehicle and how everything will work together - all to ensure the right package is installed.

Fiber splicing van - left side interior Fiber splicing van - right side interior

Like many companies, Fleet Electric has evolved through the years but “Service” is still an important part of the name. The repair technicians are factory-trained and maintain an inventory of common repair parts. The willingness to support all parts of a package after the sale sets Fleet Electric apart from many other companies.

Specialty Vehicles
Fleet Electric also develops sophisticated vehicles to provide jobsite power without having to run an engine. Lithium ion batteries, coupled with high-efficiency inverters, automatic start/stop controls and high-output charging systems, are sometimes used to provide long-term, self-sustaining power for jobsite loads. Data logging can also be added to monitor performance and savings.

Jobsite hybrid vehicle - provides power for bucket hydraulics (120-volt AC power, full HVAC and warning lights)   Jobsite hybrid vehicle - lithium ion batteries (complete system operates at 12 volts)

The Fleet Gold® Program 
The Fleet Gold® program was created to extend Fleet Electric's reach across the U.S. and Canada. Complete kits are shipped out containing all the material needed to install an inverter system. These materials include accessory circuits such as remote 120-volt outlets, auxiliary batteries, 12-volt power point sockets and USB ports (often protected by low voltage sensing and timer controls).

Kits can be as simple or complex as the customer requests, and frequently consist of over 50 individual components - all matched to each other and to the application. The “One Kit - One Part Number” concept greatly reduces a customer’s purchasing, engineering, production and receiving and handling times, as well as provides standardization – important for multiple installations, especially if done in several locations.

Sample Fleet Gold Inverter Kit - showing all components and controls for a complete installation   One Fleet Gold production area with kits being assembled

Markets Served
Typical end customers are major telecom fleets, electric and gas utilities, municipalities and public authorities. Sales are often through other upfitters.

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