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GTA Member Profile - February 2013

GTA Member Profile - February 2013

Dave Stenson, Founder and CEO
PO Box 649
Novi, MI  48376-0649
Phone: (248) 340-3063


The following information was provided by Inventev.

Company Overview
Inventev is an innovator in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) for the commercial fleet truck market from Class 2B to 5. The Michigan-based company is creating a unique, lower-cost and integrated electric drive system to install on OEM-branded new trucks. The system meets the immediate needs of medium-duty commercial fleet owners. Beyond all-electric and extended-range hybrid drive modes, the driveline-based electric-driven PTO for anti-idling and mobile power generation are key added features enabled by the Inventev architecture. The company is led by innovative, successful automotive industry veterans who have the knowledge, experience and relationships for successful execution. Inventev seeks partnerships with leading-edge fleet customers, body upfitters, suppliers and investors to accelerate commercialization of this next generation green fleet mobility and commercial jobsite system.

“Next Gen” Plug-in Medium-Duty Fleet Trucks that PAY
Inventev provides a next generation solution that will offer attractive customer returns through lower total cost of ownership and reduced hybrid price premiums, enabling:

  • Electric only operation for ranges between 30-50 miles.
  • Efficient gas or diesel hybrid mode for extended range when needed.
  • Integrated next gen hybrid architecture replacing the existing transmission with a single propulsion unit while retaining the OEM engine as installed. In contrast, non-integrated solutions of motors, generators, and gear reductions can add complexity, add interfaces, take up more package space and reduce reliability.

Technology that Meets the Needs of Fleet Customers
Inventev plug-ins are electric biased which means they can operate exclusively on battery power and electric drive motors for 30-50 miles, including highway speeds. After the 30-50-mile range is exceeded, the engine will engage and provide additional range. An innovative max power mode feature will allow gas engine power to be augmented with the electric motor torque to provide a power boost replicating diesel output during peak load conditions. This feature is useful to customers who only need the high torque characteristics of a diesel selectively, but could otherwise lower their base vehicle price by opting for the base gas engine.  

Inventev’s “next gen” integrated propulsion unit contains the necessary motors, clutches and gear ratios to operate the vehicle in multiple optimized modes (from full electric to a hybrid mix with the engine) for range extension or peak power needs. Much of the existing vehicle architecture is maintained since the integrated propulsion unit is packaged in the space about equal to the existing transmission.

Innovative Market Applications
Typically, Inventev will upfit a new pickup, van, chassis cab or cutaway and deliver it to any number of equipment and body providers; however, Inventev’s plug-in hybrid technology also supports innovative custom applications that require system-level co-development. One example is our preliminary work to enable driveline-based ePTO for bucket trucks in telecom, municipal or utility fleets. Another example is producing local electric power grid support for preventive maintenance or emergency response. Finally, stop-and-go urban/suburban delivery trucks and vans can have substantial total cost savings combining the all-electric range with extended hybrid operation.  

Inventev has the flexibility to target applications based on interests of lead customers and investors. During system development, Inventev is collaborating with other leading-edge entities such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Altec Industries, Mission Motors and NextEnergy and welcomes additional fleet, business development and strategic inquiries.

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