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GTA Member Profile - September 2014

GTA Member Profile - September 2014


13395 New Airport Road, Ste. A
Auburn, CA 95602
Phone:  (530) 823-1048
Fax:  (530) 823-1516


Marc Ellison
Vice President of Operations
Phone: (530) 823-1048
Cell: (530) 210-1843
Fax: (530) 823-1516
Orders: (800) 969-6080

The following information was provided by InterMotive/LGS

InterMotive/LGS, based in Auburn, CA, is dedicated to reducing carbon footprint and creating huge savings in fuel costs for truck fleets. The EcoStar and Idle Timer Control products, along with Speed Sentinel that limits road speed, allow InterMotive/LGS to offer the work truck world an opportunity to save fuel and cut down on greenhouse gases. InterMotive/LGS also offers an EcoLock product designed to save fuel, reduce emissions and provide additional officer safety features specifically in police vehicles for those GTA member municipalities interested in more than idle management systems on trucks.

The company designs, manufactures and sells electronic control systems that fit into three different categories. The first group includes products that reduce fuel usage – idle reduction systems, driver coaching systems and road speed limiters. The second group improves vehicle safety –  transmission shift interlocks, obstacle detection systems, seat belt warning systems, and road speed limiters. The last group of products improves vehicle productivity – programmable relay power centers and modules that provide access to vehicle CAN data.

InterMotive/LGS's green technology products continue to be in high demand as fleets look for ways to save fuel and meet local ordinances regarding idle time limits. In addition, the technologies are passive (the driver does not have to take any action for the devices to operate), easy to install (many applications are plug and play to the chassis connections), and programmable.

Fuel Economy Minder (FEM) – FEM, co-developed with Ford Motor Company, provides immediate haptic feedback to a driver when they are driving in a non-fuel efficient manner – heavy acceleration, hard braking or speeding. Data is captured and can be retrieved through a phone or tablet App via Bluetooth so a fleet manager can coach/counsel their drivers on driving behaviors that will improve fuel economy.

Idle Timer Controller (ITC) – ITC is a simple, but highly effective engine shutdown system. When the vehicle is in park, ITC will turn the engine off after a programmable amount of time. If you have local laws or your agency has strict rules about idle time, ITC may be just the solution you need.

Speed Sentinel – It's a known fact that speeding decreases your fuel economy (and increases your chances for an accident). Telematics devices tell a manager that a driver is speeding (or worse yet, was speeding) but they can’t prevent speeding. Speed Sentinel provides the ability to prevent a driver from driving too fast and wasting fuel. Speed Sentinel is programmable in single MPH increments up to 80 mph and can limit the vehicle to two different speeds. For instance, limit vehicle speed to 12 mph if the bucket is in use and limit the vehicle to 74 mph if the bucket is stowed.

InterMotive/LGS Speed Sentinel II
Gateway is a fully compliant FMVSS 403/404 wheelchair interlock and fast idle system all in one, easy-to-install module. The fast Idle feature monitors OEM sensor inputs from transmission, engine, charging system, air conditioner, ambient air temperature, and vehicle speed to determine if high idle is needed. Speed Sentinel II© is a programmable road speed limiter. It is a micro-processor controlled unit that limits maximum vehicle speed, but does not limit maximum engine out. SSII© interfaces with the vehicle through the use of “plug & play” connectors that plug directly into the vehicle’s factory OEM connectors.


EcoStar – The ultimate in idle reduction technology is EcoStar (EcoLock for police), which is an automatic stop/start system. With multiple programmable settings, EcoStar allows fleet managers to program their vehicles to automatically turn off the engine after “x” amount of time in park. Battery power is still available for operation of the radio, lights, equipment, etc. Restarts can be automatically triggered by low battery voltage, equipment operation or interior temperature. If the vehicle also serves as a mobile office (or as a canine unit for police), then a temperature feature makes EcoStar a must-have system. For example, EcoStar can be programmed to only turn off an idling engine if the interior temperature is between 74°F and 85°F. If the temperature rises above 85°F, restart the engine, cool the vehicle down to 74°F, then shut off the engine again. 

EcoStar is an automatic engine start/stop system that provides lower vehicle emissions and improved fuel economy by forcing an idling engine to shut down. The system monitors other user inputs, as well as vehicle conditions, to determine when to shut off an idling engine. Pictured above is the engineering and production team based at corporate world headquarters in Auburn, CA. InterMotive/LGS also has offices in Nevada, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.


For more information, visit www.intermotive.net.

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