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GTA Member Profile - August 2013

GTA Member Profile - August 2013

Airworks Compressors Corp.
14503 115 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T5M 3B8
Phone: 780-454-2263
Toll-Free: 1-877-454-2263
Website: http://www.airworkscompressors.com/

The following information was provided by Airworks Compressors Corp.

Airworks Compressors Corp. is a leading manufacturer of compact truck-mounted air compressors on service trucks that tie into the chassis’ fuel, electrical and coolant systems. These compressors enable the operator to shut their truck down and continue to operate air and hydraulic tools, buckets, cranes, etc. In fact, Airworks’ unique method of using a direct drive versus multiple belts to drive the air compressor, hydraulic pump and options was awarded patent 2646999 in September 2012. 

Airworks has also introduced a hydraulic power unit, the "Vortex", that replaces the PTO and hydraulic pump on a truck. This application negates the necessity of running a truck continuously to provide power to operate cranes, hydraulic tools and bucket lifts. Airworks offers the only mobile air compressor that can operate using compressed natural gas (CNG). This is giant step for natural gas utility companies and fits well with the recent push towards CNG-powered fleets. 

Recently Introduced Products
Airworks has just launched three new products into the market place. The Twister E60 is the world’s first D.C. battery-powered rotary screw air compressor. Unparalleled anywhere in the world, it's versatile, light-weight and compact.  

The second product launched is the Lightning Booster Pak, which is a booster unit used to start heavy equipment. It is the safest and most durable product of this nature in the market place. Its two cable design and smart polarity sensing ensures that there is no improper operation and valuable equipment cannot be damaged by inexperienced users. 

The third product released is the Cyclone, an off-the-road tire deflator. This product is used to rapidly deflate large off-the-road mining tires. This will save companies thousands of dollars in downtime to change out or repair giant tires that require up to 34 minutes to deflate. Deflation times are decreased by more than 1/3.

Airworks’ products are utilized in many different applications. We have products that have been airlifted into remote geological locations for mining and exploration (we have the only equipment light and compact enough to do this). In addition, railroads are using our equipment to blow snow off of switches as it can be mounted on the back of a truck, instead of being towed behind. Equipment is also being used in drilling operations, fire/rescue to blow foam and operate the jaws of life, and many more applications.

Airworks Research and Development
Scientific research and development is an integral part of Airworks, and the company is continuously bringing new and better innovative products to the marketplace. 

Truck-powered compressors may have been the standard for many years, but with increasing environmental concerns, skyrocketing fuel costs, and fleets looking to save money, Airworks’ products are the company’s calling card.

Airworks provides self-powered units, allowing the truck to be turned off and still enabling tool operation. This substantially reduces emissions, reduces wear and tear on the chassis, and offers substantial fuel savings.  The D.C. battery-powered Twister E60 reduces these even further. The financial and ecological benefits of Airworks products are tremendous. When a new product design is on the table, a large part of research and development time is devoted to environmental benefits and reduced operating expense. As the world becomes more environmentally responsible, customers will look more and more closely at vendors that will be able to help them reach their environmental goals. This has been, and will continue to be, a primary focus for Airworks Compressors Corp. when looking at future growth.

Focus on Customers
Listening to our customers and providing solutions to problems that they may be facing, has proved to be one of Airworks' best marketing tools. Customer service is also a large focus for Airworks. Customers are the only reason that Airworks is able to grow. Our goal is to continue developing cutting-edge technology and provide them with the best technical and hands-on advice available. We are proud to provide environmental and money-saving solutions to heavy industry, utility, forestry, oil / gas, mining, and additional operations.