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GTA Member Profile - December 2010

GTA Member Profile - December 2010

Brand FX Body Company
Eric C. Paul
VP Sales & Marketing
Brand FX Body Company
2800 Golden Triangle Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Phone:  (866) 431-1131 ext. 255
Cell:     (817) 713-4851
Fax:     (817) 306-7649



The following information was provided by Brand FX Body Company

Brand FX Body Company Overview
Brand FX BuildingSince the first composite line body was built in 1980, Brand FX Body Company has evolved into being the largest producer of advanced composite truck bodies for severe-duty utility and wildland fire applications. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, Brand FX now owns and operates more than one million square feet of manufacturing capacity in multiple facilities across the U.S., and employs about 450 of the finest tradespeople in our industry. Brand FX Body Company is a dba of S.N.F., Inc., a privately held Texas corporation. With Susie N. Finley serving as president, S.N.F., Inc. is recognized as a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise by the National Women’s Business Council.

The Future of Truck Equipment
One look at today’s work truck, and we could certainly marvel at the many technological advancements which have been made over the past few decades in the cab and under the hood. One of those technological advancements is the increased utilization of lightweight materials. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Using lightweight materials, manufacturers can build more fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing safety, durability, and comfort. For every 10% of weight eliminated from a vehicle’s total weight, fuel economy improves by seven percent.” But wait. Aren’t we still using that same old heavy steel body that we have always used?

Brand FX 56LS Body (560lbs)Over the past three decades, Brand FX Body Company has been engaged in the design and manufacture of advanced lightweight composites. FX Composites weigh as much as fifty percent less than steel, ten percent lighter than aluminum, and can be remounted over a period of twenty years or more. The most obvious reason to consider FX Composites is the increased fuel economy; however, the value of using FX Composites goes far beyond the gas pump. Mass compounding is a term used by the Department of Energy meaning, “in addition to the fuel economy increase due to the direct loss of weight by the given component or structure, other mass may be shed elsewhere in other vehicle components or structures such as the powertrain, the suspension, and the braking.” 
Brand FX Type 6 Fire ApparatusBrand FX specializes in composite materials, which include fiber reinforced polymers, PVC structural foams, polyester matting, and carbon fiber. Pound for pound, inch for inch, FX composites are stronger and more durable than any other material currently being used for utility service bodies today. The physical properties of the laminate allow it to flex thirty degrees either side of center and return to its natural shape without any distortions or separations. This will not only allow it to shrug off the normal wear and tear of demanding work truck applications, but, moreover, will allow it to torque and twist without harm which is paramount in off-road conditions or applications which may have aerial devices or cranes. FX Composites will not rust, and never require paint.
Environmental legislation, volatile petroleum costs, and rising metal costs are all reshaping the future of how work trucks are specified, used, and manufactured. One thing is for certain, fleet managers today cannot afford to conduct business as usual. Brand FX has an industry proven solution, and will continue to exceed the demands of a changing industry.