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GTA Member Profile - July 2012

GTA Member Profile - July 2012

Cummins Crosspoint, LLC
4557 W. Bradbury Ave
Suite 3
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Phone: (317) 240-1938

The following information was provided by Cummins Crosspoint, LLC

About Cummins Crosspoint
Cummins Crosspoint, LLC is a joint venture of Cummins Inc and Crosspoint, and is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Crosspoint is one of Cummins’ 16 North American Distributors and covers a five- state territory that includes all or portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. As a distributor, Crosspoint offers sales, service and parts for all Cummins engines. Crosspoint also is an authorized distributor for Carrier Transicold refrigeration units, Yanmar industrial engines and Variable Torque Motors hybrids, as well as quality after-market products like Dura-Lite Charge Air Coolers and Webasto Heaters.

Cummins Crosspoint & Variable Torque Motors
Cummins Crosspoint is the North American Distributor for the Variable Torque Motors electric hybrid system for Class 4-6 commercial vehicles. The S3000 system provides up to 60 hp of launch assist by capturing kinetic energy during normal vehicle slow-downs and stops. Saving fuel and prolonging brake life are major benefits to this self-contained, post-transmission system that can be retrofit onto existing platforms. This system has been deployed on fleets throughout North America and is approved by the Federal Transportation Authority for grants and funding.

Typical applications include para-transit shuttle buses, package pick-up and delivery vehicles, school buses, and other commercial vehicles with high start and stop cycles.

This patented technology uses lightweight, high capacity ultra-capacitors to efficiently store adequate energy to provide launch assist. This stored energy can provide vehicle boost from 0-35 mph without the typical parasitic drag of traditional electric hybrids for highway driving. At speeds over 35 mph, the system is automatically disengaged, resulting in normal power package efficiency for on highway performance. Since this system is applied post-transmission in the vehicle drive line, it is suitable for all types of engines including diesel, gasoline, CNG, propane, or other alternative fuels. Since the system supplies up to 60 hp at vehicle speeds from 0-35 mph, it can supplement engine torque at low RPM where combustion engines are typically less efficient yielding even more fuel economy. 

With the S3000, you can “Go Green without going Broke!”

Useful Links:  www.crosspoint.cummins.com