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GTA Member Profile - June 2012

GTA Member Profile - June 2012

Altec, Inc.
210 Inverness Center Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242




Contact Info:
Valerie Kramer
Project Manager, Corporate Communications
Phone: (205) 995-4317
Web site(s): www.altec.com

For Sales Inquiries, please contact:
Phone: (800) 958-2555

The following information was provided by Altec, Inc.

About Altec
Altec, Inc. is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor and tree care markets, serving more than 100 countries. Founded in 1929, Altec has a proven history of making customers our number one priority--from innovation and design in our products to commitment to quality, which has developed strong partnerships for the advancement of the industry.

Products & Services
For more than 80 years, Altec has remained dedicated to safety and engineering to develop products that make our customers' work easier and safer.


  • Aerial Devices/Bucket trucks
  • Cranes
  • Utility and Service Bodies
  • Digger Derricks
  • Chippers
  • Forestry Bodies
  • Cable Handlers
  • Pressure Diggers
  • Tools and Accessories


  • Financing and Leasing
  • Rental
  • Nationwide Service Network
  • Used Equipment
Photo (above): Altec's LRV58 operates without the engine turned on. Battery-powered technology allows the truck to be turned off, while the boom operates. The result is reduced fuel consumption and noise, and an overall decreased carbon footprint.

Altec Green Fleet
The company's commitment to quality and innovation carries over into Altec's Green Fleet with innovative products dedicated to providing economic and environmental solutions.

By developing alternative energy products that reduce emissions, and increase fuel and operating efficiencies, Altec is establishing a sound environmental protection approach. Some Altec Green Fleet offerings include:

  • Altec JEMS®. A Jobsite Energy Management System designed to eliminate non-drive cycle idle time which reduces fuel costs and emissions. 
  • BioPure hydraulic oil provides the highest ASTM rating, and is non-toxic to plants and animals.
  • Integrated hybrid technologies reduce fuel consumption, decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and significantly lower noise pollution.
  • Sustainable, lightweight materials, like aluminum, provide fuel savings, reduced tire, suspension and brake maintenance. Altec's aluminum utility and service bodies are 45 percent lighter than steel, and about 15 percent lighter than fiberglass.

Photo (left): Altec JEMS is an integrated plug-in system that uses stored electrical energy to power the aerial device, tools and exportable power, and provide cab comfort. The energy storage system is recharged by plugging into shore power or by the truck's internal combustion engine. Altec JEMS eliminates idle time at the job site, reduces fuel consumption, lessens noise pollution, and decreases carbon footprint.

Altec is dedicated to sustainability on all levels—not only in the products we build, but also in the facilities where we build them. Some examples include:

  • The industry’s first-ever green-focused manufacturing facility, based in Dixon, CA, is built with  sustainability at the forefront of design and manufacturing processes.
  • Vacuum infusion fiberglass process uses 30% less resin and reduces styrene emission by 60%.
  • Powder coat paint has zero VOC emissions, minimal waste and is durable and non-toxic.
  • E-coat prime paint has low VOC emissions, low energy consumption and minimal waste.

Photo (right): Altec's Green Fleet includes a number of technologies that have been crafted into products that help customers operate more efficiently while easing the environmental impact of doing business. This includes alternative fuels, lightweight materials, hybrid-electric systems, and even all-electric technologies. Altec is committed to sustainability through greener practices and products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel and operating efficiencies.

For more information, visit: