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GTA Member Profile - March 2011

GTA Member Profile - March 2011

Terex Utilities
Joe Caywood
Marketing Manager
500 Oakwood Rd
Watertown, SD 57201
Phone: (605) 882-4000
Fax: (605) 882-1842


The following information was provided by Terex Utilities

Terex Utilities Company Overview
Terex Utilities was founded in 1945 and has a rich history of innovation, quality and responsiveness. We have been providing innovative solutions for nearly 70 years, including the first hydraulic digger derrick for the world’s utility infrastructure. During this time we learned a lot about what works for our customers.

Today, we continue to provide solutions that go beyond our well-regarded digger derricks and bucket trucks. With our Terex® HyPower™ hybrid systems, we are proud to provide electric utilities with state-of-the-art solutions in the tradition of our company…hard-working and inventive. 




Services & Products

Bucket Trucks and Aerial Devices, Auger Drills, Cable Placers, Digger Derricks, Alternative Power Systems, Fuel Saving Technologies, and Truck Bodies.




Terex® HyPower™ PHEV

The award-winning HyPower™ system is a different approach to the Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV). In the utility and communications industries, vehicles spend most of their time, and fuel, working instead of moving. The HyPower™ system greatly reduces, or even eliminates, the use of fuel for the work done while the vehicle is stationary.


The HyPower™ hybrid system is available in three models that deliver fuel and emission savings eliminate jobsite noise, and that can be retrofitted on existing chassis.


The HyPower™ hybrid system is also easy to use. If the batteries are low or need to be charged, simply plug in to a standard 110V outlet with a 15 amp circuit. One overnight charge provides operating power for a typical full work shift.  Also, don’t worry about having to constantly monitor your batteries because our system does it for you. Our advanced battery management system monitors charge level and automatically starts chassis to recharge batteries if required.


In addition to HyPower™, Terex offers other environmentally-friendly products such as our LED plug-in rechargeable jobsite light towers.




For more information, visit us at  http://www.terexhypower.com or www.terexutilities.com 

Watch the HyPower™ in action at:  www.youtube.com/user/TerexHyPower