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GTA Member Profile - March 2014

GTA Member Profile - March 2014

Lightning Hybrids
319 Cleveland Ave
Loveland, CO 80537

Contact: Bonnie Trowbridge


The following information was provided by Lightning Hybrids.

Lightning Hybrids makes innovative hydraulic hybrid drive systems and brake retarders for fleet vehicles such as shuttle buses, delivery vehicles and work trucks. With a quick payback for heavy-duty drive cycles, this technology saves fleets fuel and brakes, increases power and drastically improves braking, and reduces harmful emissions.

Fleet Savings on Brakes and Fuel
Lightning Hybrids’ hydraulic hybrid system is applied to the driveline of a vehicle to regenerate braking energy. The hybrid works the same as other hybrids where two power sources work together to improve efficiency. In this case, a powerful and efficient hydraulic system supports the internal combustion engine (whether gasoline, diesel, CNG or propane) to create a cost-effective vehicle with superior braking and acceleration, and cleaner emissions.

Hydraulic Hybrid Process   Rendering of the system installed and photo of a new system before installation

The Lightning Hybrid provides the following benefits to fleets:

  • Shortest financial payback of any alternative fuel or advanced technology option for heavy-duty drive cycles
  • Cuts fuel costs for any fuel type
  • Dramatically lengthens brake life
  • Increased low-end torque improves acceleration and smooth, fade-free stops with less pedal pressure
  • Functions like and can replace a brake retarder
  • Retrofits to your current fleet with quick installation that does not void the OEM warranty 
  • Advanced telematics and innovative dashboard driver interface provide instantaneous feedback on fuel savings and system performance
  • Reliable and safe—this system runs parallel to the engine and transmission. If the system is down, the vehicle drives and brakes like normal—Guaranteed
  • Available today for the most popular delivery vans, shuttle buses, utility vehicles, cutaways, box trucks, etc. Financing and leasing options available and the system qualifies for grants and incentives
Drawing of a system installed   Lightning Hybrids bus in front of their office in Loveland, CO

Links to important products and/or services:
Main website: http://lightninghybrids.com/

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