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GTA Member Profile - May 2012

GTA Member Profile - May 2012

Vanner, Inc.
4282 Reynolds Drive
Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Contact Info:
Bruce Beegle
Vice President – Truck & Military Sales 
704-489-9793 Sales Office
704-489-9216 Fax


The following information was provided by Vanner, Inc.

Overview of Vanner, Inc.
Vanner, Inc. (Hilliard, OH) utilizes technology to develop customized, balanced and managed electrical systems for specialty vehicles. Vanner’s primary markets are transit & coach bus, ambulance, Class 8, work trucks and military. The company’s primary objective for all of our markets is vehicle electrification, focusing on idle reduction systems for conventional internal combustion vehicles and elimination of all belt-driven loads for hybrid and electric vehicles. Our ultimate goal is to completely electrify the vehicles, lower emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Through electrification, we optimize the vehicle, provide emission reduction and fuel savings. With the new anti-idling laws being passed, and new regulations being implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Vanner is on the right path to meet the changing needs of our partners.

High Voltage DC Converter in Allison Hybrid System

IdleWatch Idle-Reduction System

Vanner's Approach
Vanner is a purpose-driven, goal-oriented, team-based organization. We have developed unique and effective internal and external structures that ensure our partners have a great “Vanner Experience.” Vanner is committed to developing technologies that lead to a cleaner environment and aid this nation’s pursuit of energy independence.

Our external structure begins with the discovery process. We act as counselors and consultants to prospective new partners. We want to understand what they have, what they want, what they want to avoid, but most importantly, we want to know what we can create together. If there is a basis for a partnership, we will invest our engineering to either create a new design and validation specifications, or we will apply our application knowledge and provide them with the best solution using existing products.

As we approach commercialization, we will invest in our operations to ensure that we have a structure in place that guarantees 100% on-time delivery, product performance, and the quality our partners expect. Once we are operational with that product line, our operations, engineering and finance teams perform periodic CARE reviews to ensure we are meeting our partners' needs. The engineering and sales support teams are also an important part of the “Vanner Experience.”

High Voltage DC Converter Line

Automated Test and Burn-In

Our internal structure is team-based. Every person in the company is part of a team and every team has a member that is part of a higher level team. Each team meets weekly for an hour to work on continuous improvement initiatives. As our teams work together, the time to make a decision is reduced, which, added to the quickness of team implementation, significantly increases the dynamics of the organization.

Vanner’s world-class, lean manufacturing operation is flexible, scalable and repeatable. It is based on three pillars. We utilize JIT to make sure we have components when we need them, and we make sure our partners have our finished products when they need them. Vanner is ISO and TS certified. Everyone at Vanner is responsible for quality. The “team-based organization” is the core of our operation.

Vanner has a wide variety of technology that allows us to develop customized, balanced and managed electrical systems for specialty vehicles. Our multiple technologies help our partners differentiate themselves in their markets. The electrical systems we develop have diagnostic, prognostic and system analysis capability. Our products communicate via the J1939 CANBus system to aid in the optimization of the vehicle’s electrical system.

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