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GTA Member Profile - May 2013

GTA Member Profile - May 2013

4001 Leadenhall Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


Brian Matuszewski
Manager, Sustainable Strategies
4001 Leadenhall Rd.
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: (856) 727-7069

The following information was provided by ARI®.

Company Overview
ARI delivers solutions that improve its fleet customers’ businesses and bottom lines. Founded in 1948 by Holman Automotive Group, ARI drives the best results for each of its clients’ unique and complex needs by employing the industry’s best fleet professionals, programs and technology. With a workforce of more than 2,400 and offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the U.K., Europe and Hong Kong, ARI is known and trusted across the globe. ARI manages more than 952,000 vehicles in North America and the U.K., and combined with its global associates, accounts for more than two million fleet vehicles worldwide.

Executive Summary
As a global vehicle fleet management company, ARI focuses a great deal on sustainability. By driving fleet efficiency up and costs down throughout the vehicle life cycle – from acquisition to remarketing – ARI’s portfolio of strategic fleet management offerings not only improves its customers’ businesses and bottom lines, it strengthens their fleets’ life cycle endurance – or, fleet sustainability.

For some, improved fleet sustainability can mean right-sizing engines or moving to smaller vehicles that still do the job effectively. For others, it could mean substantial investment into alternative fuels. Additional actions might include efforts to encourage efficient driver behavior, managing excessive idling, or improving maintenance compliance. Regardless of the stage within the vehicle life cycle, ARI team members are involved, and each one helps increase customers’ overall vehicle fleet sustainability.

For ARI, going green ultimately means shrinking a fleet’s carbon footprint and increasing fuel efficiency—regardless of the road taken to get there. ARI’s highly qualified consultants are up to date on the latest advances and developments that can help fleets achieve their goals while improving fuel consumption and reducing their carbon footprints. ARI will work with each fleet to design a truly comprehensive solution.

For more information, visit www.arifleet.com and http://www.arifleet.com/value/fleet_sustainability/.