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GTA Member Profile - November 2011

GTA Member Profile - November 2011

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company
1848 Westphalia Strasse
P.O. Box 7140
Quincy, Illinois 62305-7140
Phone: (217) 222-7131
Fax: (217) 222-5939


Contact Information
James L. Bockenfeld
Vice President of Sales


Chris Weiss
Vice President of Engineering


Rich Rose
Vice President of Marketing


The following information was provided by The Knapheide Manufacturing Company.

Company Overview
Since 1848, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has provided its customers with high quality, work ready transportation solutions. The Knapheide family has owned and operated the company since its inception over 160 years ago. Today, Knapheide is the largest and leading manufacturer of truck and van bodies in the nation.  The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in the industry and a nationwide distribution network with 200+ distributors.  Visit www.knapheide.com to learn more about The Knapheide Manufacturing Company. 

Executive Summary
Since 1848, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has focused on providing its customers with high quality, work ready transportation solutions.  Over the 160+ years in business, Knapheide has greatly evolved from creating custom wagons to fulfill the needs of westward expansion journeys to manufacturing van and truck bodies for virtually any vocation.  Knapheide has continued to use cutting edge technology and offer new products to fill the demands of numerous industries.

Knapheide manufactures a wide variety of van and truck bodies including:

Knapheide’s vast product line enables them to meet their customers’ complete truck equipment needs. The highly automated manufacturing facility and flexible assembly lines allow Knapheide to create both standard products and highly customized products more efficiently than any of the competition.

Rising gas and diesel prices have created more and more interest in alternative fuels.  Knapheide, the leader in innovation, has developed alternative fuel work ready vehicle solutions to fill this new demand.  Knapheide has invested in its turnkey operations in order to provide end users and fleets with the following alternative fuel services:

  • Extensive knowledge of alternative fuel systems and chassis/fuel system/body compatibility
  • Manufacturing of high quality work ready bodies compatible with alternative fuel chassis
  • Quality installation of alternative fuel systems for your chassis
  • Turnkey installation operations so your alternative fuel vehicles will have a work ready body
  • Engineering and support services for your alternative fuel vehicles

Knapheide has developed relationships with some of the leading propane fuel system providers in the industry, including Roush CleanTech, which develop propane fuel systems for Ford chassis and CleanFUEL USA and Bi-Phase Technologies, which develop propane fuel systems for GM chassis.  These relationships enable Knapheide to work collaboratively with Roush CleanTech, CleanFUEL USA, and Bi-Phase Technologies to develop superior propane powered work ready vehicles.  From propane powered KUVs to Service Bodies to Box Vans, Knapheide has vast experience in installing propane fuel systems and work ready bodies.

Knapheide has also established relationships with the two top CNG fuel system providers, BAF Technologies, which develops CNG fuel systems for Ford chassis, and Landi Renzo, which develops CNG fuel systems for GM chassis.  Because of these relationships, Knapheide has been able to develop CNG fuel vehicle packages on both Ford and GM chassis. 

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company continues to engineer, develop, and manufacture superior truck and van bodies.  As the industry leader, Knapheide will consistently release products that will increase customer efficiency and productivity on the jobsite.  Visit www.knapheide.com for more information on The Knapheide Manufacturing Company. 

For more information, visit:
www.knapheide.com (Home Page)
www.knapheide.com/products/ (Knapheide Products)
www.knapheide.com/media/LPG_Literature.pdf (Propane Literature)
(CNG Literature)