Industry and member news

 U.S. Postal Service contractor to use propane-fueled Ford trucks (3/9/2020) 
   USPS contractor McAbee Trucking purchased eight propane Autogas-fueled Ford F-750 delivery trucks that are contracted for parcel delivery routes between USPS locations in North and South Carolina.
 XL Fleet launches hybrid electric upfit technology on Chevrolet Silverado HD Pickup family at WTS20 (3/4/2020) 
   XL Fleet debuted two new hybrid electric Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck options. XL Fleet is displaying an upfitted hybrid electric Silverado 2500 HD in the Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles booth.
 Ford announces all-electric Transit for 2022 model year at WTS20 (3/4/2020) 
   The best-selling cargo van in the world – Ford Transit – is going digital, with an all-electric version coming for the 2022 model year.
 Cummins Inc. unveils EPA 2021 B6.7TM and L9TM medium-duty engines at WTS20 (3/4/2020) 
   Cummins Inc. introduced its next generation of medium-duty on-highway power solutions, showcasing advanced diesel and natural gas engines at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.
 Allison Transmission announces opening of new vehicle Environmental Test Center at WTS20 (3/4/2020) 
   Allison Transmission announced the official opening of the Vehicle Environment Test (VET) Center will take place July 8, 2020.
 SEA Electric achieves patent milestone (3/2/2020) 
   SEA Electric (Los Angeles, California) achieved another important milestone with the successful granting of the patent for its SEA-Drive® technology in Australia.
 Alliance AutoGas to unveil new technology at The Work Truck Show 2020 (2/27/2020) 
   Alliance AutoGas (Swannonoa, North Carolina) will be unveiling its latest technology at the 20th Anniversary Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. AAG will have their new aftermarket autogas system on display in a 2020 Ford F250 7.3 8v.
 Plug Power partners with Lightning Systems to build zero-emission ‘middle-mile’ delivery solution (2/25/2020) 
   Lightning Systems (Loveland, Colorado) entered into a partnership with Plug Power Inc. to offer the world's first electric, fuel cell-powered Class 6 trucks capable of supporting middle-mile delivery logistics between warehouses and dist. centers.
 XL Fleet announces significant commercial expansion with new sales & installation partner network (2/20/2020) 
   XL (Boston, Massachusetts) launched a comprehensive new partner network with 27 professional fleet equipment installer companies throughout 96 individual locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
 Kenworth announces collaboration with Meritor on Kenworth T680E electric powertrain development (2/13/2020) 
   Kenworth (Kirkland, Washington) announced it will collaborate with Meritor on electric powertrain development for Class 8 Kenworth T680E battery-electric vehicles.