Ride-and-Drive showcases work truck innovation

This article was published in the April 2020 edition of NTEA News.

The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive, held March 4 and 5, gave attendees the chance to meet key suppliers, learn about innovative clean vehicle solutions and test drive or ride in commercial vehicles with the latest advanced technologies and alternative fuel applications.

Featured companies and vehicles 

Allison Transmission
In addition to displaying two Allison-equipped vehicles, the Allison Transmission Show Trailer was open to all event attendees. This trailer featured several cutaway transmissions, including a 2000 Series, 3000 Series and 4000 Series, as well as multiple interactive experiences. A touchscreen display highlighted information on new Allison products, including AXE Electric Axle Series™, 3414 Regional Haul Series™ and the 9-speed transmission.

Cummins Inc.
The Cummins Electric Truck with Range Extending Engine (ETREE) project, sponsored by Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office, is a Class 6 (26,000-pound gross vehicle weight) box truck. With equivalent performance to conventional diesel-powered trucks, it reduces fuel consumption by at least 50% over a wide range of urban/suburban pickup and delivery applications. A range-extending electric vehicle architecture helps meet fleet operator needs using a substantial amount of grid energy while allowing the vehicle to complete any number of more challenging duty cycles typically accomplished by conventionally powered vehicles. The ETREE truck demonstrated fuel reduction goals in controlled testing over conventional diesel-powered vehicles, completed cross-country development trips and is deployed in fleet service locally.

Derive Efficiency
With Derive’s fleet solutions, experience the difference an engine calibration can make in vehicle performance as well as improvements to its fuel efficiency, with most clients seeing 6–12% in fuel savings. Derive’s guaranteed ROI on fuel savings is just the starting point, as its vehicle optimizations also improve fleet safety, sustainability and productivity.

Ford Commercial Vehicles
The new 2020MY Transit features two new engines mated to a new standard 10-speed transmission, designed to improve fuel efficiency and save you money. The 2020MY Transit also has more body configurations for even more ways to specify the right van for the job…including a new crew van body type with seating for five.

The Transit has 10 new driver-assist technology features. This is the smartest Transit ever! Key technologies include automatic emergency braking, BLIS (blind spot information system) with trailer coverage, lane keeping system, adaptive cruise control, and a front and rear split-view camera.

The new Transit also features a new interior and effortless connectivity with factory-installed modems that support up to 10 devices.

But the best part of the story is the 2020 Transit is available with all-wheel drive! Yep. You asked for it, and Ford delivered seamless, affordable, factory-installed all-wheel drive available on all gas models. This van will take you where you want to go…through rain, sleet and snow!

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation
The new FCCC MT50e walk-in van — a true leap forward for the medium-duty commercial market — features a fully integrated electric power system and is FCCC’s first product that will eventually be a portfolio of all-electric chassis geared toward the pickup and delivery markets.

The electric platform is purpose-built and designed for commercial usage — maximizing range and withstanding harsh environments.

MT50e is the only all-electric, zero-emissions platform with the proven reliability and performance of Freightliner Custom Chassis and is a bold step in FCCC’s C.A.S.E. initiative, focused on meeting industry demand for more connectivity, assisted driving, safety and electric options.

Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) costs less, is more efficient and is better for the environment than compressed natural gas (CNG) at equivalent pressures. Ingevity has over 100 years of experience as a leading global supplier of Nuchar® activated carbon products for automotive gasoline vapor emission control. Ingevity leveraged its activated carbon expertise to develop FuelSorb carbon monoliths, enabling ANG technology for light-duty vehicles that reduces storage pressure of natural gas without sacrificing onboard volume of gas stored. ANG is an alternative fuel option for large, light-duty vehicles like SUVs, half-ton pickup trucks and service vans with many benefits compared to CNG.

The ANG bi-fuel Ford F-150 pickup truck has nested, cylindrical tanks in the truck bed that are 900 psig (compared to CNG’s 3,600 psig). Fueling with ANG costs up to $1.50 less per gasoline gallon equivalent compared to gasoline; uses 50% less energy and fuels 60% faster than CNG; and emits 25% less greenhouse gas than comparable gasoline and diesel vehicles. Learn more at ingevityang.com.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc.
Isuzu FTR is a Class 6 LCF truck offering the right combination of performance, maneuverability, dependability and efficiency. In recent testing, certified by Sports Car Club of America, FTR had the best fuel economy in stop-and-go city driving and was the clear champion of maneuverability. These benefits alone are sure to get the attention of Class 6 customers, and FTR’s eight wheelbases provide flexibility for accommodating bodies up to 30 feet long. At Ride-and-Drive, attendees experienced it with a 20-foot Morgan refrigerated body with Maxon GPT-3 liftgate.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc.
The first series-produced FUSO eCanters, in customer operation since 2018, have collectively accumulated more than 1 million kilometers so far. This all-electric work truck changes the urban landscape by providing zero tailpipe emissions, while eliminating the noise of traditionally powered trucks. These first-generation series-produced trucks can achieve a range of 60–80 miles on the road, with advanced charging capabilities of one-to-two hours via a DC fast-charge option. FUSO expects to deliver additional eCanter units in 2020, and it continues to develop the next-generation eCanter that will be enhanced with even more capabilities. For more information, visit mitfuso.com/ecanter.

Peterbilt Motors Company
Model 220 is Peterbilt’s solution for pickup and delivery, beverage and refuse applications, with multiple options for easy upfitting. With low chassis weight, the 220 is perfect for high-volume payloads. It’s available with a GVWR of 26,000–33,000 pounds to meet application requirements, and allows for a wheel cut of up to 37 degrees for added maneuverability in confined areas commonly encountered in beverage and city delivery.

Model 220 is standard with the 6.7-liter PACCAR PX-7 engine and Allison automatic transmission to deliver excellent driveability and performance. The front cab panel opens to provide easy access to service points for maximum uptime. For additional serviceability, the hydraulic cab tilt allows for easy opening and tilting of the cab.

Designed for driver productivity and uptime, Model 220 features excellent visibility through the expansive windshield and large side windows. Heated breakaway mirrors provide a convenient way to clear away ice, snow and fog to improve rearward visibility from the cab.

A 90-degree door opening and steps with non-slip treads allow for ergonomic ingress and egress to the cab. The spacious interior offers several features for driver comfort and productivity, and the wraparound dash puts controls within convenient reach. The driver information display provides critical operating information directly above the speedometer, keeping drivers’ eyes on the road.

Optional equipment offered on Model 220 includes a righthand drive configuration for specialized applications, such as street sweepers and paint stripers. Clear rail packages are available to assist with specialized body configurations, as well as safety features including WABCO SmartTrac Electronic Stability Control and the OnGuardACTIVE Collision Mitigation System. Learn more at peterbilt.com.

Purdue University
The electric precision brine application vehicle — designed for use in urban and campus environments — was developed in partnership with several vendors for automating application of de-icing chemicals. Material is automatically applied for pre-treatment and de-icing on pre-defined target areas without any intervention from the driver. This reduces driver workload/distraction and ensures efficient application of de-icing materials. The process developed in this prototype is being scaled up by INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) for use on state roadways with 5,500-gallon highway trucks.

SEA Electric
SEA Electric had its 100% electric trucks and vans in action at The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive. The SEA Ford F-59 EV is a UPS medium-duty step van (Class 5,6) and is powered by the SEA-Drive® 120b power-system. This offers world-class range of up to 200 miles with a 138kWh battery pack and motor with maximum torque of 1,844 foot-pounds (2,500Nm). The SEA Ford Transit EV is a 15-seater shuttle bus (Class 3) powered by the SEA-Drive® 70. This offers world-class range of up to 190 miles via an 88kWh battery pack and motor with maximum torque of 516 foot-pounds (700Nm). Attendees had the chance to take a ride with SEA Electric’s experienced commercial EV professionals and find out more about the company’s EV range, including their low cost of ownership and other operating benefits.

Tropos Motors
One of over a dozen different bed packages for the Tropos ABLE line of electric compact utility vehicles, the Tropos dump truck is enabled, at the flip of a handheld switch, to unload gravel, wood chips, rock, sand, firewood, and more. With its compact design, ultra-low total cost of ownership, tight turning radius and sturdy hydraulic pump, jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. Using the latest Tropos EV technology, the ABLE dump truck can carry up to 1,500 pounds and unload in seconds with a sleek 45-degree tilting bed. This low-maintenance truck has an estimated 40–120-mile range, depending on which battery pack is chosen. Efficient, durable and versatile with a lightweight design, it’s ideal for landscaping, construction and transporting loose materials.

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