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Please have your login ready to be able to view the full contents of whitepapers listed below. If you do not have your login information send us an email or call us at 1-800-441-6832.

Growing Interest in Electrification Systems: A Whitepaper for Work Truck Industry Professionals - Gain key insights on fleet usage and needs with regard to electrification technologies in this 12-page report. <<Read More>>

Guideline for Determining the Modifications Required for Adding Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicles To Existing Maintenance Facilities - The growth of natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleets in recent years, especially for those vehicles in interstate commerce, has increased the need for additional gaseous fuel friendly maintenance facilities across the country. The NGV industry has largely focused its efforts on development of vehicles and fueling infrastructure, while leaving issues dealing with the design and operation of maintenance facilities to fleet owners. Please note: Local fire regulations may require additional provisions. <<Read More>>

Argonne Labs Basics of Hybrid - How Do HEVs Work? HEVs have an electric motor and battery pack in addition to the internal combustion engine (ICE) found in traditional vehicles. The batteries in HEVs are lighter and smaller than those in nonhybrid electric vehicles because the ICE produces most of the power to operate the vehicle. <<Read More>>

Argonne tackles six myths about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles - In the next few months, we will showcase Argonne’s various experts from across the laboratory as they share their insight on pressing questions that explore the intersection between the lab’s critical research and our nation’s security, environmental health and economic prosperity.  <<Read More>>

Doing Biofuels Right:Making Sense of the Great Biofuels Debate - The debate on biofuels in Ohio, the U.S. and worldwide has been polarized, with each side putting forth dueling scientists and advocates in what seems more like a contest to score political points than to deepen public understanding. Clean Fuels Ohio’s mission is to advance cleaner domestic alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. Our mission is explicit about curbing climate change. We also work with industry groups where our mission and specific business interests are aligned. <<Read More>>

Greenhouse Gas Management for Medium-Duty Truck Fleets - Medium-duty trucks, identified as Classes 3–6, are the workhorses of the American economy. These vehicles deliver food and beverages to restaurants and convenience stores, drop off packages at homes and offices, serve as mobile workshops for all types of technicians, and perform thousands of other daily tasks. They also use a lot of fuel – over 8 billion gallons a year. <<Read More>>