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Technical Resources

Technical Resources

The Green Truck Association (GTA) offers its members helpful insights and practical tools for designing and analyzing the value of their green vehicles or vehicle systems under consideration. Using a broad range of reliable and respected sources, the GTA has researched and compiled the most comprehensive and dependable information currently available.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have established requirements and validated many technologies relating to “going green” in the work truck industry. In turn, these certifications and qualifications have become adopted as an effective way to identify technologies that contribute to increased work truck productivity and fuel economy.

Within this section, you will find helpful information on:
  • Develop a cost and life-cycle analysis
  • Learn key strategies for implementing, selling and measuring green 
  • Learn how to calculate a carbon footprint
  • Gain more information on green vehicle technologies and systems
            -  Alternative Fuel Power Sources
            -  Hybrid Propulsion Systems
  • Learn a proven hierarchical approach for evaluating technologies
  • Search available green vehicles from lists provided by the government and other reputable organizations.
  • Learn about major alternative fuels, including propane, natural gas, ethanol and biodiesel

As the industry and related technologies continue to evolve, the GTA will continually develop and expand this Technical Resources section to provide members with the most recent and useful information available.

The GTA encourages all visitors to the site, especially members, to suggest additional content or improvements that will create value. Please contact us at gtainfo@ntea.com.