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Industry & Member News

ROUSH CleanTech Unveils First FedEx Ground Fleet Vehicle Fueled by Propane Autogas at The Work Truck Show 2014

ROUSH CleanTech Unveils First FedEx Ground Fleet Vehicle Fueled by Propane Autogas at The Work Truck Show 2014

ROUSH CleanTech unveiled the first propane autogas fueled Ford F-59 to serve FedEx Ground’s high mileage route in Buffalo, NY. The owner of the vehicle, Jon Chase, CEO of Chase Delivery in Lancaster, NY, estimates his company will save more than $25,000 over the lifetime of the alternatively fueled delivery truck. Already experiencing lower fuel and maintenance costs, Chase expects a less than three-year return on investment. Because of this, he encourages other FedEx Ground contractors to switch to propane autogas. Chase said that FedEx supports their contractors making emission reduction measures. “The wear and tear of propane autogas engines is significantly less than conventional fuel engines,” said Chase. “For anyone interested in reducing both fuel and maintenance costs, propane autogas is the way to go.”

This new delivery truck has a 65-gallon fuel tank and will lower carbon dioxide emissions by about 105,000 pounds over the lifetime of its operation compared to gasoline-powered counterparts. Propane autogas vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gases and smog-producing hydrocarbons than conventionally fueled vehicles.

“We continue to invest in our foundation; the technology, supply chain, products and field service that make it seamless for our customers to transition to propane autogas,” said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. “Our technology provides the same power and torque without compromising Ford warranty that our business partners require to get the job done. Couple this with the fact that propane autogas is clean burning, lower cost and domestically produced, and you see why leading government, school bus and private fleets are making this change.”

Propane autogas offers a large public refueling network. Additionally, on-site refueling infrastructure for propane autogas costs less than any other fuel, alternative or conventional. While Chase currently refuels at a local public station, he plans to install a private station as he increases his propane autogas fleet. He is adding three more ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-59 FedEx Ground delivery trucks to his fleet by year-end.

For more information, visit www.roushcleantech.com.

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014