Sustainable Integration Technology Council

The Sustainable Integration Technology Council (SITC) serves to advance the integration of, and resolve the technical communications for, upfitters of green technologies within the work truck industry.

Charter Members:
Justin Ashton, XL Hybrids
Brian Carney, ROUSH CleanTech
Lucas Creasy, Knapheide Manufacturing
Ed Lovelace, XL Hybrids
Gianluca Maso, Landi Renzo
Wayne Moore, CleanFUEL USA
Todd Mouw, ROUSH CleanTech
Kelly Muldoon, Venchurs
Tucker Perkins, Propane Education & Research Council
Bob Raybuck, NTEA
John Roberts, Bi-Phase Technologies
Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids
Paul Shaffer, Westport/BAF
Doyle Sumrall, NTEA
Michael Taylor, Propane Education & Research Council
Ryan Waltz, Landi Renzo
Chris Weiss, Knapheide Manufacturing
Jeff Wyatt, Venchurs