AMPLY Power partners with Lightning eMotors enabling integration of OMEGA charge management software


announced the first deployment of its “Powered by AMPLY” offering, enabling OEMs to integrate AMPLY’s charge management software with their electric vehicles (EV)—making the electrification process for fleets easier than ever. AMPLY partnered with Lightning eMotors, a leader in zero emission vehicles, to launch the new offering. With Powered by AMPLY, Lightning will combine the strength of its own vehicle telematics with AMPLY’s OMEGA charge management software for new EV purchases.

From transits and shuttles to trucks and delivery vans, OMEGA serves as the nucleus of any fleet charging operation and is the single platform operators need to to effectively manage their EVs. The software optimizes EV charging for low-cost energy, vehicle availability and other factors, while responding dynamically in real-time—with no active management needed.

“Meeting the growing demands for electric transportation requires collaboration across the EV ecosystem, from vehicle manufacturers to telematics providers, utilities, energy management providers, and beyond,” said Vic Shao, Founder and CEO of AMPLY Power. “Powered by AMPLY allows OEMs like Lightning eMotors to offer fully integrated solutions to their customers—ultimately helping organizations scale their EV fleets rapidly by making it easier for them to manage charging for their new vehicles.” 

With the OMEGA integration, Lightning customers can take delivery of their new EVs with confidence, as the software is vehicle and charger agnostic. By offering charge management software combined with vehicle telematics at the beginning of the EV journey, AMPLY and Lightning aim to take the guesswork out of setting up and optimizing EV charging—ultimately saving the fleet time and money.

“We are thrilled to be integrating our class-leading vehicle telematics solution, Lightning Insights, with AMPLY Power, one of the leaders in the fleet charging management space,” said Tim Reeser, Chief Executive Officer of Lightning eMotors. “Tight integration between vehicles and chargers is a critical component of successful fleet electrification, electric load management, and operating cost control. This joint integration between OMEGA and Insights will enable fleets to deploy Lightning EVs with confidence that they can leverage AMPLY’s software to optimize the fleet operation and charging strategy ‘out of the box’.”

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