Black Fleet Network introduces inaugural Peer Advisory Committee


Black Fleet Network™ (BFN) (Decatur, Georgia) introduced its inaugural Peer Advisory Committee (PAC). Comprising a group of highly accomplished and award-winning fleet professionals, the committee is set to revolutionize leadership development - with a distinct focus on diversity and excellence.

The PAC's role is pivotal, as it exists to steer the direction of all industry-related education that BFN provides. These accomplished professionals are uniquely qualified to advise on learnings directly aligned with the spectrum of fleet management responsibilities. Their perspective, rooted in their experiences as Black leaders in the industry, allows them to define best practices for empathetically training the next generation of diverse men and women.

BFN’s Peer Advisory Committee is not just shaping the future of fleet management but also fostering a more inclusive, dynamic, and innovative industry. This committee brings together a diverse range of talents, perspectives, and experiences that will equip and empower the leaders of tomorrow’s commercial automotive industry.

The inaugural PAC is an ensemble of industry leaders with decades of aggregated experience:
  • LaVa Darby: Owner | Darby Enterprise Global Solutions
  • April Dents: Account Manager, Fleet & Truck MSO | PPG
  • Lora Dunton: Co-Owner & CEO | J3 Management Group
  • Tim Fitzgerald: Fleet Administrator | DC Government
  • Ladda Love Hawkins: Owner | My Own Lane Consultants
  • Samuel Hunter: Head of Sales | Driveroo
  • Alrik Lunsford: Extension Specialist - Clean Transportation | North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center
  • Bill Pugh: Owner | Smart Connections Consulting
  • Cedric Roberts: Fleet Director | City of Birmingham
Mr. Al Curtis, Fleet Services Director for Cobb County (GA) Government, serves as the Peer Advisory Chairman on BFN's Board of Directors.

As BFN takes this significant step forward, they invite all stakeholders across the fleet and commercial vehicle landscape to join hands and embrace the future. The PAC is a testament to BFN’s unwavering commitment to making a difference and driving diversity in an industry where change is long overdue.

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