Stellar launches NXT68 hooklift


Stellar (Garner, Iowa) recently launched the NXT68 Hooklift. Setting new industry standards, the NXT68 offers an unparalleled load height of 12.5" and impressive capacities, including 68,000 lbs at 62" hook height, 57,000 lbs at 54" hook height and a remarkable 68,000-lb dump capacity. Available for 16' – 22' containers, the NXT68 Hooklift promises to redefine material handling capabilities.

Electronic Joystick Control System
Stellar also introduced a groundbreaking feature for its hooklifts: an electronic joystick control system. The new joystick control, available initially on the NXT52, streamlines operations with a single joystick that governs all hooklift functions. Engineered for ergonomic excellence, the joystick will be mounted on an adjustable base, allowing operators to tailor its positioning for optimal comfort and ease of use. Plans are underway to extend this cutting-edge control system to additional large Stellar® Hooklift models in the future.

New Standard Bumper Options
Furthermore, Stellar is proud to introduce new standard bumper options for its hooklifts, catering to diverse chassis specifications. With a 20,000-lb pull capacity, the 20K option offers two versions: an economical version utilizing chassis take-off lights and a full version featuring built-in lights — both offering versatility for class 3 – 6 chassis applications. Meanwhile, the 90K option, featured in the Stellar booth at WasteExpo this year,  boasts built-in lights and an impressive 90,000-lb pull capacity, ensuring robust performance for class 7 and 8 chassis applications. Whether bolt-on or weld-on, these innovative bumpers underscore Stellar’s commitment to delivering superior quality and versatility across its product range.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations at WasteExpo 2024, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation in material handling solutions,” said Tim Davison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stellar. “With the NXT52 and NXT68 Hooklifts, alongside our pioneering joystick control system and advanced bumper options, Stellar continues to set new benchmarks for efficiency, performance and reliability.”

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