Vanair acquires Grip Idle Management


Vanair Manufacturing (Michigan City, Indiana) announced the successful acquisition of Grip Idle Management, a company recognized for its patented and leading technology in advanced vehicle engine idle reduction. This acquisition reflects Vanair’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and environmental impact.

Grip Idle Management's cutting-edge patented technology in idle management systems is designed to minimize fuel consumption, reduce engine hours, decrease emissions, and optimize overall fleet performance. This technology seamlessly integrates with Vanair's existing EPEQ® Idle Management Systems (EPEQ® IM). This dynamic fusion will unite the best features of both systems, creating an integrated product offering that sets a new standard in idle management technology.

Greg Kokot, President at Vanair®, stated, "The Grip Idle Management acquisition is a significant milestone for Vanair®, reinforcing our dedication to driving innovation in Mobile Power Solutions®. This strategic move not only expands our technological expertise but also underscores our commitment to delivering even greater value to our customers.”

Key Advancements Resulting from the Acquisition:

  • Enhanced Product Portfolio: Vanair® will integrate Grip Idle Management's advanced idle reduction systems into its comprehensive range of vehicle solutions, offering customers a broader array of innovative products and features to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  • Expanded Technological Capabilities: The integration of Grip's advanced idle management technology will enhance the existing features of Vanair's EPEQ® IM Cab Comfort Climate Control Systems, ensuring operator comfort while reducing fuel consumption, engine hours, and emissions.
  • Telematics Integration: Seamless communication between vehicles and central operations streamlines optimized fleet management.
    Enhanced Customer Support: Vanair's longstanding commitment to exceptional customer service guarantees operators receive unparalleled assistance and training for optimal system utilization.

Grip Idle Management, presently based in Ontario, Canada, will be relocated to Vanair's headquarters in Michigan City, Indiana.

Brian Bassindale, President at Grip Idle Management, added, "The alignment of our combined technologies brought together under one roof will offer customers an unmatched idle management solution that is dependable and versatile. We are excited to have been given the opportunity for Vanair® to take the GRIP Idle Management System to new heights and look forward to being a part of their success in the future.”

Vanair's acquisition of Grip Idle Management represents a significant stride in delivering customers the most advanced idle management solutions available. This move solidifies Vanair's position as an industry trailblazer in Mobile Power Solutions®.

For more information, visit vanair .com.

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