Lightning Systems selected by ABC Companies for Diesel-to-Electric Coach Repower Program


Lightning Systems (Loveland, Colorado) announced they finalized an agreement with 
ABC Companies. Under the new partnership, the two companies will launch their first joint project: an electric powertrain repower of Van Hool models, including a T2145 highline touring coach and a TDX high-capacity double-deck coach.

Motorcoaches operating in commuter services fleets in metropolitan localities are a prime candidate for repowering with electric drivetrains, as they eliminate on-road emissions while delivering sufficient range for typical daily duty cycles. “A repower is a cost-effective and timely solution for operators,” said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “It is a dramatically lower cost solution for those looking to integrate an electric coach versus buying new and can also net significant operational savings associated with fuel and maintenance cost reductions.” The ABC/Lightning Systems repower program is currently the only repower option available for coaches in the United States.

“Adding zero-emission capability to late model coaches is a solution that is good for operations, the environment and the bottom line for many customers,” said Roman Cornell, president and chief commercial officer, ABC Companies. “By converting from diesel to electric, we can extend the operational life of a quality motorcoach, while allowing customers to leverage their current investment in many of the parts, service and training already in place to support their existing fleet. It is a smart way to integrate zero emissions into a motorcoach fleet.”

Lightning Systems’ electric drivetrain integrations benefit from road-proven technologies and components combined with elegant engineering, resulting in reliable, long-lifetime vehicles, which are familiar to drivers and popular with passengers. Sophisticated features such as active thermal management of the batteries ensure optimal performance in all conditions, while advanced regenerative braking technology improves the vehicles’ overall efficiency. In addition, Lightning Analytics, the near-real-time data capture and analysis platform from Lightning Systems, gives fleet operators a deep insight into the performance and health of the vehicles in their fleets.

“Our shared values, resources, skills and assets mesh quite well,” Cornell said. “ABC and Lightning Systems are invested in the growth and potential this offering can bring to North American coach operations. We look forward to accelerating solutions for our customers looking to integrate zero-emission motorcoaches.” 

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