The Green Truck Association (GTA) was established in 2010 as an affiliate division of the NTEA, in recognition of the growing interest and demand for green products within the work truck industry. The goal of the GTA is to continue the progression of green work trucks through:

  • Showcasing green trucks and technology developments
  • Serving as the resource for legislative, regulatory and funding initiatives relevant to green truck development 
  • Supplying market data and technical resources relevant to green truck development
  • Sharing timely news on green truck products and initiatives.

GTA Mission Statement
The mission of the GTA is to improve the efficiency and productivity of work trucks through the development and deployment of strategies to reduce diesel and gasoline consumption and the associated environmental impacts.

Participate in NREL'S Fleet DNA - Vehicle Drive and Duty Cycle Study
Fleets within the work truck industry are encouraged to volunteer their data for a vocational drive and duty cycle study conducted by the National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL). As part of NREL’s Fleet DNA project, this study is designed to give fleets and work truck end-users insights comparing the performance of various applications. Learn more

Industry & Member News
New Rule Would Increase Fuel-Efficiency for Heavy Trucks, Reduce Carbon Pollution

The Obama administration proposed tough new standards to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide pollution from trucks and vans, the latest move by President Barack Obama to address global warming.

Thursday, June 25, 2015